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Trivia 11/1

trivia 11/1
A medical survey found that professional soccer players sustained
approximately 1.5 injuries per player per year.

1. Bugs Bunny often intends to visit places like Pismo Beach and the Black
Forest, but often winds up missing them because he does not take a left turn
at what city?
2. In music what does 'forte' mean?
3. In what year did the Western Roman Empire fall?
a. - 276 AD
b. - 376 AD
c. - 476 AD
d. - 576 AD
4. Which of the following is not a rabbit breed?
a. - Calico Lop
b. - Holland Lop
c. - Netherland Dwarf
d. - Dutch
5. Rogers Hornsby earned his spot in which Sports Hall of Fame in 1942?
6. What year marked the beginning of the First World War?
7. In the Disney movie, "Cinderella", what are the names of Cinderella's two
8. In 1975, Jack Nicholson won his first Best Actor Academy Award for what

Since the 1950’s, Humphrey Bogart’s image has graced the labels on Gerber’s
Baby Food products.
1. Albuquerque - "I *KNEW* I should have made a left toin at Albakoikee !"
2. Loud
3. - c
4. - a
5. Major League Baseball
6. 1914
7. Anastasia and Drizella
8. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

In 1928, Gerber held a contest to find a face to represent a baby food advertising campaign. Artist Dorothy Hope Smith entered her simple charcoal sketch of a tousle-haired, bright-eyed cherub of a baby with endearing pursed lips. In her entry, Smith noted that she would finish the sketch if she won. Her drawing competed with elaborate oil paintings, but the judges fell in love with the baby face Smith drew, and when they chose it as the winner, they insisted that the simple illustration remain a sketch. The image of this happy, healthy baby was soon to become the face that launched a brand, a face recognized and loved across the globe.

Indeed, the illustration became so popular that Gerber adopted it as its official trademark in 1931. Since then, the Gerber Baby has appeared on all Gerber packaging and in every Gerber advertisement. The identity of the baby, however, was kept secret for 40 years, until 1978.
In a poll taken across the United States, people speculated as to the identity of the Gerber Baby. Guesses ranged from movie stars Humphrey Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor to Senator Bob Dole. Over the years there have been rumors of the actress Jane Seymour being the Gerber Baby. But mystery novelist and retired English teacher Ann Turner Cook knew the correct answer: She is the Gerber Baby.

Dorothy Hope Smith, a neighbor of the Turner family, drew the portrait and after more than 85 years, Mrs. Cook’s sparkling eyes and adorable, curious baby face still personify the Gerber brand, representing Gerber’s commitment to happy, healthy babies all over the world.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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