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Trivia 11/10

trivia 11/10
Some papooses (originally an Algonquian word) were built with sharp,
projecting points so that if a papoose fell off while the mother was riding
a horse, the points would stick in the ground and protect the baby.

1. What does a 'Locavore' eat ?
2. Which of Will Shakespeare's many characters said, "What 's in a name?
That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." ?
3.Strange Words are these ;
My mother told me that I was acting very contumeliously when her friends
came over to the house today. How was I acting?
4. Name that Flick ;
A man makes a vow of no sex for Lent and then meets the girl of his dreams.
5. In February of 1945, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph
Stalin met at Yalta to plan the shape of post-Nazi Europe. Where is Yalta?
6. What legendary man is said to have ridden horses named Llamrei, Hengroen
and Passelande?
a. - Alexander
b. - Caligula
c. - Prince Valiant
d. - King Arthur
7. POS is a chat term to tell the recipient to watch what they say ; what's
it mean ?
8. What's the longest nerve in the human body?

The process of distillation (heating an alcoholic beverage in order to boil
off, collect, and concentrate the alcohol) was first used in Ireland, then
in Scotland about 500 years ago, where it was distilled by Monks.
1. A diet that consists only or principally of locally grown or produced
2. Juliet
3. in an insulting or scornful way
4. '40 Days and 40 Nights'
5. in Crimea
6. - d
7. 'Parent Over Shoulder
8. Sciatic Nerve

As with many other things, The process of distillation (heating an alcoholic
beverage in order to boil off, collect, and concentrate the alcohol) was
first used in China no later than 800 b.c. to produce rice spirits. About
the same time in other parts of Asia, distillation was used to produce
arrack, a beverage similar to rum, made from rice and sugarcane juice or
palm juice. The ancient Arabs, Greeks, and Romans all distilled wine to
produce beverages similar to modern brandy. The practice of distillation
spread to western Europe with the Arabs in the eighth century, particularly
in Spain and France.

Some claim that whiskey was invented in Ireland as long as 1,000 years ago
and carried to Scotland by monks. In any case, the first written records of
Scottish whiskey-making date as far back as 1494. (The word whiskey comes
from the Irish Gaelic uisge beatha or the Scottish Gaelic uisge baugh, both
meaning "water of life.")

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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