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Trivia 11/12

trivia 11/12
Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk was marooned for about four years
(1704-09) on Chile's Islas Juan Fernandez, located 364 miles (587 km) west
of Valparaiso. After being rescued, he published his story of survival and
was said to be the inspiration for Daniel Defoe's classic novel Robinson

1. Which teams participated in Baseball's very first 'Subway Series" ?
(Bonus; what year did it happen ?)
(Double Bonus; Who won the Series ?
2. In what musical would you hear the lyrics, "You've gotta have heart, all
you really need is heart"?
a. - Guys and Dolls
b. - Damn Yankees
c. - Oklahoma
d. - My Fair Lady
3. Remember the Bhopal tragedy ?
What sort of poison was released that caused so many deaths ?
(Bonus; Name the company that owned the facility...)
4. Johnny Cash recorded two 'live At...' Albums in prisons ; name the
5. In the band, AC/DC. Who was the school boy character in the band?
a - Malcolm Young
b. - Bon Scott
c. - George Young
d. - Angus Young
6. During WWI, the French confirmed that what famous dancer was a German spy
after they allowed her to leak a list of double agents?
7. Which classic Humphrey Bogart film of 1946, directed by Howard Hawks, was
based on a novel by Raymond Chandler?
a. - To Have and Have Not
b. - Key Largo
c. - Dark Passage
d. - The Big Sleep
8. How many pints of blood does the average adult human have in their body ?

If a person has smoked for all of their adult life, and they are in their
forties, it takes five years after that person stops smoking for the body to
fully recuperate from its ill effects ..

1. Yankees Vs. Giants
(1921) (Giants)
2. - b
3. Pesticide, brand name Sevin
(Union carbide)
4. Folsom and San Quentin
5. - d
6. Mata Hari
7. - d
8. - 10 pints

It takes FIFTEEN years !
But, after just five years without a cigarette, former smokers will cut
their risk of smoking-related illnesses in half !

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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