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Trivia 11/17

trivia 11/17
LT’s list of some favorite oxymoron's ....
jumbo shrimp-mercy killing-soft rock-civil war-a Definite Maybe-an anxious
patient-a plastic glass
even odds-pretty ugly-government intelligence- Incredibly Credible

1. Which TV program did *not* star Courteney Cox?
a. - Friends
b. - Cougar Town
c. - Beverly Hills 90210
d. - Dirt
2. Name the Beer that tells me to "Head For the Mountains" ...
3. What grand-nephew of Julius Caesar was the first emperor of Rome?
4. Which French city is associated with lace, cream and porcelain?
5. Fill in the Blank ...
The Moluccas, or Maluku Islands, in Indonesia were formerly called the _____
6. What does the phrase "Ides of March" refer to?
7. What popular filmmaker made his big break with 'Night Shift' (1982) and
later got involved in different themes like the ones in his masterpiece
'Apollo 13' (1995) and the acclaimed 'A Beautiful Mind' (2001)?
8. Who was the first Officer that President Lincoln asked to lead the Union
Army after Ft. Sumter was attacked ?
a. - McClellan
b. - Burnside
c. - Stewart
d. - Lee

After the age of eighteen, all Amish men are required to wear an untrimmed,
uncut beard.
1. - c
2. Busch
3. Augustus
4. Chantilly
5. Spice
6. March 15
7. Ron Howard
8. - d

Amish men are required to wear that beard after marriage, or in some Amish
communities, following their baptism, which comes between the ages of 18 and
22 .
Also, Amish men do not wear mustaches, but that's another story....

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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