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Trivia 11/27

trivia 11/27
Hours before the Indian Ocean tsunami, people reported seeing elephants and
flamingos heading for higher ground. Dogs and zoo animals refused to leave
their shelters. After the tsunami, very few dead animals were found.

1. In Chess the opening moves sometimes include a material sacrifice to set
up control of the middle of the board. What is this process called?
2. What ingredient accounts for the light texture and "pouf" of angel food
3. Fill in the Blank ;
In the Bible , Leah gave her servant Zilpah as a wife to ______ .
a. - Moses
b. - Joseph
c. - Jacob
d. - Abraham
4. Which is the only even prime number?
a. - 2
b. - 12
c. - 22
d. - 44
5. How old was Juliet when she fell in love with Romeo ?
6. The name of which Beatle wife/girlfriend fills the blank in this song?
"La la la la la lovely ________ With the lovely flowers in her hair"
7. Which song from the 1941 Disney animation film "Pinocchio" won the Oscar
for Best Original Song?
8. What is measured in Hertz ?

In the novel, “Gone With the Wind”, Scarlett gave birth to four children .
1. a Gambit
2. Egg Whites
3. - c
4. - a
5. "not quite 14" (Accepted - 13)
6. Linda
7. When You Wish Upon a Star
8. Frequency

She gave birth to three, although she was pregnant four times...
Scarlett had Wade Hampton by Charles Hamilton, Ella Lorena by Frank Kennedy,
Bonnie Blue by Rhett Butler, and one miscarriage caused by a spectacular
fall down a staircase trying to slap Rhett when he told her maybe she'd have
a miscarriage.
Scarlett was 16 at the start of the book and 28 at the end of it.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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