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Trivia 11/9

trivia 11/9
On average, there are 178 sesame seeds on each McDonald’s Big Mac bun.

1. The "Venus de Milo" is one of the most famous statues in the world. How
did it get its name?
a. - It was sculpted by Milo of Athens
b. - It was found on the island of Milos, Greece
c. - From the discoverer, antiquarian Jean Milo
d. - It was found near the city of Milo, Greece
2. The life form known as a limpet is a ...what ?
a. - Fish
b. - Flower
c. - Spider
d. - Snail
3. In which body of water do the Solomon Islands lie?
4. Who wrote 'Travels with Charley' ?
(Bonus; who was Charley ?)
5. What is the largest game bird in North America?
6. Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, claims to be the second most
visited cemetery in the US after Arlington. What very famous person is
buried there?
7. In Military jargon, what is a 'Piss-cutter' ?
8. Which tribe produced the great warrior, Crazy horse ?

The Russian airline Aeroflot spent 27 years developing a new variety of
drug-sniffing and bomb-sniffing animal: a domesticated fox called the Socki
1. - b
2. - d
3. South Pacific
4. John Steinbeck (his Dog)
5. Wild turkey
6. Abraham Lincoln
7. A sharp crease in the uniform's trousers
8. Lakota

The Russian airline Aeroflot spent 27 years combining the DNA of the Turkmen
Jackal with DNA of the Siberian Husky resulting in the world’s best breed of
sniffer dogs.
Their breeders claim that they are much more effective than the Labradors or
Alsatians that are more commonly used in the West.
A name for the new breed has yet to be chosen, although Huscal and Jacky
have, apparently, been ruled out.
A new Aeroflot-run kennel in Moscow will raise the dogs and send them to
airports where they will patrol and sniff passengers' bags.
"They can sniff out certain explosives that machines can't trace," says Klim
Sulimov, Aeroflot's chief dog breeder.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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