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Trivia 12/10

trivia 12/10
In the 1830s, English surgeon John Elliotson performed nearly 2,000
surgeries using hypnotism to manage his patients’ pain.

1. You're in a splashy antique store and purchase a dry sink. What did you
2. In which of the Fifty does the MLB hold their Spring Training ?
(There are two ...)
3. The International Ice Patrol was an organization that was set up in 1914
...what's their mission ?
4. Mickey Mouse had two nephews... name them ...
(Hint ; F______ & M_____)
5. On the TV show "Batman," who played Batman's foe Chandell, a Concert
Pianist / criminal ?
6. Which of the Fifty is known as America's Dairyland?
7. What comedian and vaudevillian was known for characters Willy Lump-Lump
and Mean Widdle Kid Junior ?
8. What sort of critter is a Common Pochard?
a. - Chicken
b. - Pig
c. - Sheep
d. - Duck

There are three kinds of mustard plant ; Yellow, Black and Brown Indian...
1. a cabinet that holds a wash basin
2. Arizona and Florida
3. to monitor icebergs and to inform ships that might be at risk
4. Ferdy and Morty
5. Liberace
6. Wisconsin
7. Red Skelton
8. - d

The three kinds of mustard plant are Black, White and Brown Indian ...
Most people will think of yellow when mustard is mentioned , but while the
flowers are yellow and the seeds ( ones crushed and mixed with vinegar and
other ingredients ) will produce a yellow paste, the plant itself is not
called that. Mustard grows well in a moderate temperature and prefers a
moist soil.The major producers include The United States and Canada
,Hungary, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Russia and China. Besides being lovely to
eat , the seeds are high in selenium and omega-3 fatty acids and other
important minerals.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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