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Trivia 12/10 - DID YOU KNOW...Aprox. 28,000 people died by way of the guillotine

trivia 12/10
Approximately 28,000 people died by way of the guillotine during the French
revolution's Reign of Terror, which lasted from 1793-94. Among these were
King Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette.

1. Barber poles are traditionally red and white. What did these colors
2. Strange Words are These ; BARGELLO
a. - needlepoint stitch that produces zigzag lines
b. - an illegal daily lottery
c. - A narrow watercraft
d. - a Dessert
3. According to their 1965 hit tune, what will The Seekers never find
another of ?
4. Which of the Fifty has the same name as a Eurasian country?
5. Who wrote the classic children's book "The Hundred and One Dalmatians"?
a. - P.L. Travers
b. - E.B. White
c. - Roald Dahl
d. - Dodie Smith
6. Name That Tune ;
'People say I'm the life of the party 'cause I tell a joke or two,
Although I might be laughing loud and hearty, Deep inside I'm blue...'
7. In the 1979 film "Breaking Away" what sport features prominently?
8. What did St. Patrick use to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish?

Ikea ran a magazine ad with a built-in pregnancy test, which you peed on,
and if it showed you were pregnant, they gave you a 50% discount on a baby
1. Blood & Bandages
2. - a
3. You
4. Georgia
5. - d
6. ' Tracks of My Tears'
7. Cycling / Bicycle Racing
8. a Shamrock


As anyone who's expecting knows all too well, baby gear and furniture can be
pretty pricey. But if you have your eye on a crib at IKEA, all you have to
do is take a pregnancy test to get a sweet discount ... a pregnancy test
that's actually built into the IKEA ad. Yes, really.

The eyebrow-raising ad, which will run in Swedish women's publication Amelia
magazine, uses the same technology as over-the-counter pregnancy tests you
buy at the drugstore. In other words, you dropper a little bit of your urine
on the strip and if the test result is positive, the ad reveals a discounted
price on a crib.

“I come from a home where gravy is a beverage.”
― Erma Bombeck
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