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Trivia 12/11

trivia 12/11
An owl’s eyes fill 70% of its skull ... Humans, 5%.

1. What ingredient do Tarte Tatin, Eve's pudding and zemlovka have in
a. – Cherries
b. – Apples
c. – Plums
d. – Grapes
2. The artist Whistler was famous for painting a portrait of his mother; the
picture is commonly known as "Whistler's Mother", but what did the artist
call it?
3. For which 1970s film, based on the book "Goodbye to Berlin" by
Christopher Isherwood, did Liza Minnelli win a Best Actress Oscar?
4. If you multiplied the number of little pigs in a popular fable featuring
a windy wolf by the number of dwarfs who lived with Snow White, and then
added the number that is represented by LXXX in Roman numerals, it would
amount to what?
5. Similar to Australian damper, what is the name of the quick bread made by
North American Indians in a frying pan or over an open fire? It is sometimes
known as frybread.
(Hint; Starts with 'B'...)
6. What was the profession of the man who invented the Electric Chair ?
a. - Inventor
b. - Entrepreneur
c. - Merchant
d. - Dentist
7. Strange Words are These ;
If you are a dendrochronologist what is your specialty?
a. - Study of Hair Styles
b. - Study of Clay Deposits
c. - Study of Tree Rings
d. - Study of Family Trees
8. Who was/were the perpetrator(s) of the Columbine High School shootings?

Jennifer Sharpe holds the record for most Girl Scout cookies sold by a
single person in a single year.
She sold 7,328 boxes in 2008.
1. – b
2. Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1
3. 'Cabaret'
4. - 101
5. Bannock
6. - d
7. - c
8. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Jennifer was a much better salesperson than that !
In 2008, she sold 17,328 boxes !

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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