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Trivia 12/12

trivia 12/12
In 2017, more Americans died from Opioid overdoses than Americans who died
in the Vietnam conflict.

1. On which TV show (1971-78) did we find Dr. Jerry Robinson, an
2. In one episode of the sitcom, 'Seinfeld', George almost becomes famous as
a model; what type of model was he ?
3. What was the name of the Treaty that formally ended the Revolutionary
4. According to the title of a 2009 animated film, the weather prediction
was cloudy with a chance of which food item?
5. What color are London's Taxis ?
a. - Red
b. - Yellow
c. - Black
d. - White
6. Who won the Heavyweight Boxing Championship at the age of 46 ?
7. Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on which host plant?
8. According to Monty Python, if you want to be a Knight of the Round
Table, you'll have to eat ham and jam and ___ a lot?

Joseph Stalin was an avid movie buff . He especially loved John Wayne
Western films.
His admiration of Wayne prompted him to award the actor the National Soviet
Award for Valor in 1952. Wayne, of course, never travelled to the USSR to
accept it, as he was an avowed anti-communist.
1. The Bob Newhart Show
2. a Hand Model (He burned himself with an iron, and that was the end of
that !)
3. Treaty of Paris
4. Meatballs
5. - c
6. George foreman
7. milkweed
8. Spam

Stalin had a love-hate relationship with Hollywood movies. The brutal, raw
justice in the Western movies fascinated him, but he hated the
anti-communist Wayne.
Stalin’s hatred for Wayne led him to hire assassins to kill the actor in
January of 1953.
Fortunately, Stalin died in May of that year, which terminated his murderous

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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