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Trivia 12/16

trivia 12/16
Peas are a popular pizza topping in Brazil.

1. You are reading an online entry about anthropology when you come upon
"KYA". What does this mean, or stand for?
2. How many days, approximately, does it take the moon to revolve on its own
3. Strange Words are These ; PASTICHE
a. - wine and hot water with sugar and lemon juice and nutmeg
b. - a work of art that imitates the style of some previous work
c. - write down quickly without much attention to detail
d. - a large gathering of people intended to arouse enthusiasm
4. Which of these is the USA's largest island ?
a. - Hawaii (The Big Island)
b. - Kodiak Island
c. - Long Island
d. - Puerto Rico
5. Splash Mountain is located in which "Land" at Disney Parks ?
a. - Adventureland
b. - Fantasyland
c. - Frontierland
d. - Tomorrowland
6. If I suffer from Mysophobia , what is it that I fear ?
a. - Clutter
b. - Dirt
c. - Feces
d. - Rodents
7. Finland has borders with three countries ; name them ...
8. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna; better known to us as the bearded Che
Guevara ,
was born in which Country ?
a. - Cuba
b. - Argentina
c. - Bolivia
d. - Brazil

Question ; What is the distinguishing factor between a fruit and a
Answer ; That’s easy; the edible part of a fruit has seeds, whereas the
edible part of a vegetable does not.
1. - 1,000 Years ago
2. - 27
3. - b
4. - a
5. - c
6. - b
7. Norway, Sweden and Russia
8. - b

This is a very simple one: the parts of fruit plants that we eat have seeds,
while what we call vegetables do not. There are many fruits that are eaten
like vegetables (e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant) but botanically they
are technically fruits due to the presence of seeds within their edible
components. Fruits are also generally characterized by a sweet taste, while
vegetables often have neutral tastes to them.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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