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Trivia 12/17

trivia 12/17
In 1814, a mysterious explosion at a London brewery created a destructive
wave of beer that destroyed two houses and killed eight people.

1. In baseball, a perfect game is one in which the pitcher faces 27 batters,
allows no base runners, and records 27 outs. What constitutes an immaculate
(Hint; it involves the number nine...)
2. Imagine you and I are in Australia, and I hand you a 'Kylie' ... What
would you do with it ?
a. - Eat it, it's a meat Pie
b. - Wear it, it's a hat
c. - Plant it, it's a tree (eventually)
d. - Throw it, it's a boomerang
3. What's the more common terms for Erythrocytes and leukocytes ??
4. What constellation is sometimes referred to as 'the Archer'?
5. Bacteria that are 'thermophilic' are best described as .........
a. - Dying in Cold Temps
b. - Thriving in Cold Temps
c. - Dying in Hot Temps
d. - Thriving in hot Temps
6. Here's a toughie for you ;
Who was the first POTUS born a US citizen and not a British Subject ?
a. - John Quincy Adams
b. - Andrew Jackson
c. - Martin Van Buren
d. - William Henry Harrison
7. What does URL stand for ?
8. "Asdic" whose development was first recorded in 1939, was an early
version of what Military information-gathering device ?

After scoring for the wrong team (an own goal) in the FIFA World Cup,Was
shot and killed upon returning to His home town.
1. nine pitches, nine strikes = three outs
2. - d
3. Red and white blood cells
4. Sagittarius
5. - d
6. - c
7. Universal Resource Locator

Andrés Escobar made that mistake in the FIFA World Cup in 1994.
Escobar died in the town of his birth, just one month away from his wedding
to a dentist named Pamela Cascardo. Colombia played against the USA in that
fateful game, and lost 2-1. Many believed Escobar was murdered because his
mistake cost gamblers a lot of money; others believe it was a mafia hit as
he was involved with the lover of a mafia lord. A statue of Escobar was
erected in 2002 by the the city of Medellin.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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