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Trivia 12/18

trivia 12/18
The name Alaska is derived from an Aleutian word alaxsxaq which literally
means the "object toward which the action of the sea is directed." The
Russians called it Alyeska.

1. If Barry is white and James is brown, what color is Al?
2. By what name is the notorious Confederate prisoner of war camp, Camp
Sumter, more commonly known?
3. Louis Armstrong was nicknamed 'Satchmo', which is short for ... what ?
4. Which Bruce Springsteen hit title best describes Paul's experience on the
road to Damascus ?
5. Remember '77 Sunset Strip' ? The two main characters were Private
Detectives. The other featured character was Kookie, who worked next
door... What did Kookie do for a living ?
6. Director Bernardo Bertolucci was nominated for an Academy Award in 1972.
For which film, that had a dance in the title, was he nominated?
(Hint; Four Words...)
7. In what month and year was President McKinley assassinated
a. - October 1900
b. - June 1902
c. - August 1903
d. - September 1901
8. Rastafarians worship a former ruler of what African country?

Since the 1960's, over 200,000 murders committed in the USA remain unsolved.
1. Green
2. Andersonville
3. 'Satchel Mouth'
4. 'Blinded by the Light'
5. He parked cars at 'Dino's Lounge'. Dino's Lounge was a real place,
located next door to 77 Sunset Strip. It was owned by Dean Martin.
6. Last Tango In Paris
7. - d
8. Ethiopia

That is an average of one in three unsolved and open murder cases in

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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