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Trivia 12/2

trivia 12/2
The largest beaver dam ever discovered is in Alberta, Canada. It was
measured at 2,800 feet in 2014 and is still growing.

1. How would you diagnose Raymond Babbitt, the "Rain Man" in the movie by
that name?
a. - Down syndrome
b. - Idiot Savant
c. - Autistic Savant
d. - Paranoid Schizophrenic
2. In the 2016 US election, 11 Republican candidates were asked to select a
code name for themselves. What name did Donald Trump choose?
a. - Humble
b. - Fixer
c. - Tycoon
d. - Winner
3. The world's largest Automobile manufacturer is .............
a. - GM
b. - Toyota
c. - Ford
d. - Volkswagen
4. What's the correct spelling for that mini Guitar , sometimes referred to
as a 'Uke" ?
5. Marlon Brando was nominated for an Academy Award when he played which
politician in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"?
6. Strange Words are These ; Keratonosus ;
Whet part of the body is affected ?
a. - Skin
b. - Blood
c. - Intestine
d. - Eye
7. In 1959, cartoonist Jay Ward introduced us to which Frostbite Falls,
Minnesota inhabitants?
8. Truman Capote's 1966 publication 'In Cold Blood' tells the true story of
the 1959 murder of a family. The murders took place on the family farm in
which U.S. state?
a. - Oklahoma
b. - Kansas
c. - Texas
d. - Nevada
A grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation led to the conclusion that
a bee sting on the head of a certain delicate part of a man’s anatomy is
more painful than a bee sting on his forearm.
1. - b
2. - a
3. - b
4. Ukulele
5. Marc Antony
6. - d
7. Rocky and Bullwinkle
8. - b

Did they really need a study to ascertain that fact ??


“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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