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Trivia 12/2

trivia 12/2
Taiwan has been dubbed the "face mask capital of Asia" because the Taiwanese
often wear surgical face masks. They wear masks to protect from illness or
announce an illness, to protect their skin from the sun, or to filter out
pollutants. Even newscasters will wear face masks while they are on the air.

1. Which US states border both Lake Erie AND New Jersey?
2. What horror movie star made his last appearance in 'Plan 9 From Outer
a. - Boris Karloff
b. - Lon Chaney
c. - Bela Lugosi
d. - Vincent Price
3. James Mason played a smooth movie star in 'A Star Is Born'. Who played
the 'star'?
4. In the U.S. presidential elections from 1992 through 2020, which is the
only election in which a Republican won the popular vote?
5. The 2018 documentary 'Amazing Grace', directed by Sydney Pollack, was
about which singer?
a. - Kurt Cobain
b. - Amy Winehouse
c. - Aretha Franklin
d. - Michael Jackson
6. December is the 12th month in the Gregorian calendar. It will always
start on the same day of the week as what other month ?
a. - April
b. - August
c. - July
d. - September
7. How does Rousseau describe man in his primal, natural state?
8. In 1971, Idi Amin took control of what African Nation ?

Cats are responsible for the extinction of at least 63 animals.
1. New York and Pennsylvania
2. - c
3. Judy Garland
4. George W. Bush in 2004
5. - c
6. - d
7. a Noble Savage
8. Uganda


Cat predation on wildlife is the result of the natural instincts and behavior of both feral and domesticated cats to hunt small prey, including wildlife. Some people view this as a desirable phenomenon, such as in the case of barn cats and other cats kept for the intended purpose of pest control; however, contrary to popular belief, there is no scientific evidence that cats are an effective means of rodent control, and ecologists oppose their use for this purpose because of the disproportionate harm they do to beneficial native wildlife. As an invasive species and super predator, they do considerable ecological damage.
In Australia, hunting by cats helped to drive at least 20 native mammals to extinction, and continues to threaten at least 124 more. Their introduction has caused the extinction of at least 33 endemic species on islands throughout the world. Feral and domestic cats kill billions of birds in the United States every year, where songbird populations continue to decline.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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