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Trivia 12/24

trivia 12/24
In the mid 1800s, poet Thomas Nash wrote a poem that famously placed Santa's home in the North Pole, even though the original saint lived in Turkey.

1. On which side of the Australian mainland do you find Tasmania?
a. - Northeast
b. - Southeast
c. - Southwest
d. - Northwest
2. Who Am I ??
In spite of being a notorious serial killer, I was tried in a state that
does not support the death penalty and so received a sentence of 957 years
in prison. Unfortunately for me, this proved a death sentence nonetheless,
as I was beaten to death by a fellow inmate brandishing a broom handle. Who
am I?
3. "For Unto Us A Child is Born" is often sung at Christmas as part of its
chorale or as a choir anthem. Who composed this work?
a. - Mozart
b. - Bach
c. - Handel
d. - Brahms
4. In Swahili, it's "Naku penda." In Finnish, it's "Mina rakastan sinua." In
Italian, it's "Ti amo." What is it in English ?
5. Which US President was elected first?
a. - Wilson
b. - Taft
c. - Teddy Roosevelt
d. - McKinley
6. A water polo team consists of how many members in the pool at one time?
7. Which Elvis Co-Star was a Miss America winner ?
a. Juliet Prowse
b. - Anne Helme
c. - Gail Gilmore
d. - Mary Ann Mobley
8. What do vodka, Kahlua and milk (or cream) make?

A binary communication system, or binary code, the basis for all computer
language and programming, was first proposed in the 17th century.
1. - b
2. I am Jeffrey Dahmer
3. - c
4. "I Love You
5. - d
6. - 7
7. - d
8. a White Russian

A binary communication system, or binary code, the basis for all computer
language and programming, was first proposed by G.W. Leibniz in the 17th
century. George Boole and Alan Turing, among others, later developed the
idea for programming computers.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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