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Trivia 12/26

trivia 12/26
Red hair first appeared as the result of a genetic mutation with the first
documented case of natural-born redhead occurring in Scotland.

1. Which of these Teletubbies was denounced by Jerry Falwell in 1999 as
being "a role model for the gay community" because of the triangle on its
a. - Po
b. - Laa Laa
c. - Dipsy
d. - Tinky-Winky
2. What are the full given names of O.J. Simpson?
3. The year was 1849 : the place; USA ...Lots of people rushed to the
west..... what was the migration about ??
4. What was the name of the back-up band for Buddy Holly?
5. Which Cleopatra committed suicide with the Asp ?
a. - Cleopatra III
b. - Cleopatra V
c. - Cleopatra VII
d. - There was only one Cleopatra
6. What's the only one of the Fifty where prostitution is legal ?
7. What was the name of the computer in '2001: A Space Odyssey'?
a. - HAL 6000
b. - HAL 7000
c. - HAL 8000
d. - HAL 9000
8. Raskolnikov, a student who commits murder, is a character in what novel ?

The shape of the ampersand, &, is derived from Latin as a combination of the
letters A and T.
1. - d
2. Orenthal James
3. California Gold Rush
4. the Crickets
5. - c
6. Nevada
7.- d
8. 'Crime and Punishment'

The letters are "E" and "T" ...
During the first century AD, the Romans wrote in cursive. When they wrote
the Latin word "et", which means and, they scribbled the two letters E and T
together. Over time, the two combined letters became known as a
representation of the word and.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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