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Trivia 12/28

trivia 12/28
In the decade of the 50’s,Twice as many people died of heart attacks and
stroke than they did of all cancers combined.

1. Strange Words are These ;
Onychophagia is the habit of .... what ??
a. - Chewing with your mouth open
b. - Picking your Nose
c. - Biting Your Nails
d. - Gritting your Teeth (In Your Sleep)
2. Who was the U.S.'s first Secretary of State ?
3. 'Van' is a preposition in the Dutch and Afrikaans languages, translating
to ... what ?
4. What was the singular event that is recognized as the start of the French
revolution ?
(Bonus ; what year was it ?
5. In 1970, the Kidman family moved to Sydney, Australia. Many believe that
Nicole was born Down Under, but this is not so. She was born in which of the
Fifty ?
6. Four is the number of wings almost every winged insect has. What is one
of the exceptions to this rule ?
a. - Locusts
b. - Dragonflies
c. - Flies
d. - Butterflies
7. Which of the Fifty was home to fictional TV mob boss Tony Soprano?
8. By what name was American frontiersman John Chapman better known?

‘The Silver Chalice’ was Paul Newman’s first performance in a feature movie
1. - c
2. Thomas Jefferson
3. 'Of' or 'From'
4. Storming of the Bastille
5. Hawaii
6. - c
7. New Jersey
8. Johnny Appleseed

‘The Silver Chalice’ Won a relatively unknown Newman a Golden Globe Award
for Most Promising Newcomer- Male.
But the film, and his role in it, was a disappointment and an embarrassment
to him, to the point that he paid for advertisements asking the public not
to watch the film on TV.
The most upsetting to him was the costuming.... specifically, the Toga he
had to wear.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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