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Trivia 12/7

trivia 12/7
Spoons have been around 1,000 years longer than forks.

1. The word Quebec means 'Where the river narrows'. Which river is this?
2. Which singer formed his own company, "Rising Sun records" ?
a. - Arlo Guthrie
b. - Eric Burden
c. - Neil Diamond
d. - John Denver
3. Movie Tag-Lines Dept;
"Six reasons why the west was wild." (1988) ...
4. In the arena of Astronomy, what does NEO represent ?
5. Who was the killer in the 1st 'Friday the 13th'?
a. - Jason Voorhees
b. - Jason's Brother
c. - Jason's Sister
d. - Jason's Mother
6. Takrai is very popular in Thai and Vietnamese cooking. How is it better
a. - Chili Paste
b. - Lemongrass
c. - Duck
d. - Pork
7. If the POTUS dies in a plane crash, and the V-POTUS dies of a heart
attack upon hearing the news, who becomes POTUS ?
8. Why do most Native Americans refuse to carry a Twenty-Dollar Bill ?

American Television’s first kiss between a white character and a black
character took place on ‘All in the Family’.
1. the Saint Lawrence river
2. - a
3. 'Young Guns'
4. Near Earth Object
5. - d
6. - b
7. the Speaker of the House
8. Because Andrew Jackson's Portrait is on it... Jackson ordered the "Trail
of Tears" relocation that caused so many Native Americans to die en-route...

A 1968 episode of Star Trek, "Plato's Stepchildren" is the correct series.
This claim is disputed by some who contend that in the scene in question,
full lip contact between William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols did not occur,
as the actors turned their heads away from the camera at the last moment to
present the illusion of a kiss, meaning that this scene was not a true kiss.
The latter point has been disputed, with Shatner claiming that he and
Nichols' lips never fully touched and Nichols asserting that the kiss was
The first 'Interracial' kiss on American TV was, of course, on the 'I Love
Lucy' series, where Lucy and her Hispanic husband were shown kissing on many

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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