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Trivia 2/10

trivia 2/10
It's illegal to kill Bigfoot in British Columbia.

1. Strange words are these ; EAU_DE_VIE
a. - a Gentleman's Cologne
b. - a Butterfly
c. - a Brandy
d. - a Type of Swiss Chateau
2. As a religio-political philosophy, what does secularism mean?
a. - saying that all religions are the same
b. - prohibiting all religion in society
c. - keeping religion out of government
d. - adopting atheism as the state religion
3. What term can be used to describe winning all major tournaments in a
calendar year in golf or tennis ?
4. Fill in the Blank ;
The original terminals for the Orient Express were Paris and ________ ...
5. World parliaments are often described as being either unicameral or
bicameral. What does this term refer to?
6. Which U.S. President coined the phrase "separation between church and
a. - John Adams
b. - Thomas Jefferson
c. - John Quincy Adams
d. - James Madison
7. Ebola, the disease is named after what ??
a. - Ebola, the City
b. - Ebola, the Animal
c. - Ebola, the Plant
d. - Ebola, the River
8. In the early days of t.v., Groucho Marx hosted a show by what name?

During a battle in the War of the Roses in England, the opposite sides are
reputed to have thrown black puddings and Yorkshire puddings at each other
when they ran out of ammunition.
1. - c
2. - c
3. Grand Slam
4. Constantinople/Istanbul
5. Number of parliamentary chambers
6. - b
7. - d
8. 'You Bet your Life'

Legend has it that, In 1455, the town of Stubbins was the scene of a legendary battle between
the Yorkists and the Lancastrians. At first there were volleys of arrows
between the opposing sides but when these had been exhausted the
Lancastrians, who had a supply of black puddings from Bury, renewed the
battle by throwing these at the Yorkists. In retaliation the Yorkists threw
Yorkshire puddings. There is no report of the outcome. Perhaps both sides

Disappointingly, this battle never happened. In fact, the legend only
started in 1983. There was a battle of Stubbins Bridge but it was not as
bizarre as this. England loves its history and the War of the Roses is still
strong in the national memory.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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