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Trivia 2/19

trivia 2/19
Vending machines kill four people for every one person killed by a shark.

1. Strange Words are These ; IDIOLATRY ...
a, - Worship of Idols
b. - Worship of Animals
c. - Worship of Stupidity
d. - Worship of Yourself
2. What's the term for a cast member who also serves as a 'back-up' for the
lead actors ?
3. What is the Capitol of Morocco
a. - Ulaanbaatar
b. - Yerevan
c. - Rabat
d. - Vientiane
4. The Dominican Republic and Haiti share an island ; what's its name ??
5. Planets have varying periods of rotation on their own axis, which is
known as their day. Which of these planets has the longest day?
a. - Mercury
b. - Venus
c. - Earth
d. - Mars
6. Which movie won the Oscar for the best movie for 1975?
a. - Rocky
b. - The Sunshine Boys
c. - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
d. - Jaws
7. If I got an "Ulster" for my birthday, what should I do with it ??
a. - Eat it quick, before it spoils
b. - Try it on and hope it fits
c. – Put it my foreign coin collection
d. - A whole city for my birthday ?? You're kidding me !!
8. What word represents "C" in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet ?

Ice Cream was brought to America by the Quakers.
1. - d
2. Understudy
3. - c
4. Hispaniola
5. - b
6. - c
7. - b (It's a loose long overcoat of heavy fabric )
8. Charlie

Members of the religious movement known as the Religious Society of Friends,
or the Quakers, began moving to the north east of the United States from the
late 1600s. This had a two-fold purpose, the first of which was to find a
more tolerant environment in which they could practice their faith. The
second major reason for that immigration was in seeking a new life with more
opportunities for economic prosperity. Along with their arrival in this new
land came their knowledge on how to make ice cream - and, because this skill
has since been turned into something approaching a gastronomical art form in
that country, Americans have been thanking them ever since. Such was its
popularity even in its early days in the United States that many of the
Founding Fathers of that great nation, such as George Washington, Thomas
Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, have gone on record as regularly delighting
in same.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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