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Trivia 2/20

trivia 2/20
Our collective weight is going up. The average American male has gained 17.1
pounds and the average American female has added 15.4 pounds since 1988.

1. Tricky Question !!
Spain Borders five countries ; name them .
2. For 12 years, Kelly Ripa starred as Hayley Vaughan on what soap opera?
3. What was fashion designer 'Coco' Chanel's real first name?
4. Number of pints of blood in the average human ? ___ to ___ Pints ...
5. This 18th century offshoot of English Quakers once had about 5500
members, but had declined to three in 2012...
6. Sarah Gilbert played Darlene on "Roseanne" but her sister played an
adorable half pint on another long running show. What was the sister's name?
7. How do you spell the highly seasoned soup containing primarily various
amounts of fish and shellfish ? You know what I'm talking about... Starts
with Bou...
8. Who is the subject of the film , "Anne of a Thousand Days" ?

According to PC World, Apple will not honor the warranty of an Apple
computer if the computer has been exposed to cigarette smoke.
1. Morocco*, Andorra, France, Portugal, and Gibraltar.
2. 'All My Children'
3. Gabrielle
4. - 10 to 12
5. the Shakers
6. Melissa Gilbert
7. Bouillabaisse
8. Anne Boleyn

So you think smoking is just bad for your health? As a couple of Apple
Computer owners found out recently, smoking apparently has more far reaching
consequences to a person than just their overall well being. It can even
void your Apple computer warranty as well.

In two separate incidents, a couple of readers from the Consumerist found
out the hard way that their warranties were voided due to smoking when their
systems were taken in for repair. Seems some Apple repair personnel take the
dangers of secondhand smoke very seriously and consider computer systems
exposed to the stuff as contaminated equipment.

Read all about it !!

* the Morocco–Spain border is in the cities of Melilla and Sueta, two
Spanish cities in north Africa.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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