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Trivia 2/20

trivia 2/20
The first known female police officer in the United States was Marie Owens,
who was appointed to serve in Chicago in 1890.

1. Back in the Twentieth century, there were eating establishments whose
walls were just huge "vending machines" ......... what were these
establishments called ?
2. Scorpio is the ______ sign of the zodiac.
a. - Second
b. - Fourth
c. - Sixth
d. - Eighth
3. Which Albert Hammond track provides the following advice; "But girl,
don't they warn ya? It pours, man, it pours"?
4. On "The Addams Family", what were the names of the two children ?
5. What was the name of Queen Victoria's husband ?
6. "William the Bastard" became Ruler of England, and from then on was known
as ........ Whom ?
7. In which movie will you hear the Academy Award-Winning song, 'I've Had
the Time of My Life'?
8. What is the name of the Track & Field event in which you swing a ball on
a chain around and then hurl it out into the field?

Foghorn Leghorn is a cartoon character who was based on Senator Claghorn, a
verbose character on the Fred Allen radio show of the 1940's.
1. Automats
2. - d
3. "It Never Rains in Southern California"
4. Puggsley and Wednesday
5. Albert
6. William the Conqueror
7. 'Dirty dancing'
8. Hammer Throw

Many of Foghorn's statements came from this comedic performance by Kenny
Senator Beauregard Claghorn was a popular fictional radio character on the
"Allen's Alley" segment of The Fred Allen Show, beginning in 1945.
Succeeding the vaguely similar but not nearly as popular Senator Bloat from
the earliest "Allen's Alley" routines, Senator Claghorn, portrayed by
Allen's announcer, Kenny Delmar, was a blustery Southern politician whose
home was usually the first at which Allen would knock. Claghorn would
typically answer the door with, "Somebody, ah say, somebody knocked!
Claghorn's the name, Senator Claghorn, that is. I'm from the South. Suh."[

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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