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Trivia 2/4 - Rev B

trivia 2/4
The Longest-running syndicated TV variety Show ; ‘Soul Train’, from

1. McKinley Morganfield, often described as "The father of modern Chicago
blues", is/was better known by which bemired pluvial nickname?
2. Who sings "I Kissed a Girl", and "Wide Awake"?
3. The book, "The Tower Treasure" by Franklin W. Dixon, is the first in the
series featuring which young detective or detectives?
a. - Nancy Drew
b. - Frank and Joe Hardy
c. - Jigsaw Jones
d. - None of These
4. What is featured on the coffee giant's Starbuck's logo?
5. Who Am I ??
I wrote three plays about a guy named Oedipus that killed his father and
married his mother. I also saw the rise and fall of Athens. Who am I?
6. Members of which profession would be most likely to read the weekly
journal 'The Lancet'?
7. During the age of Chivalry, what was a 'Hauberk' was a type of armor ;
what kind ?
a. - Chain Mail
b. - Faceplate for the Mount
c. - Headpiece for the Knight
d. - Protection for the Neck
8. Which President decreed that the third Sunday in June be known as Father's Day?
a. - FDR
b. - Truman
c. - Eisenhower
d. - Nixon

North Carolina was the second State to secede from the Union, after South
1. Muddy Waters
2. Katy Perry
3. - b
4. a Siren/Mermaid
5. I am Sophocles
6. Surgeons
7. - a
8. - d

Actually, Mississippi was the first state after South Carolina to secede. It
did so January 9, 1861, months before North Carolina. It wasn't until after
Lincoln started calling for troops that North Carolina seceded. Although
Kentucky and Missouri both had governments that voted to secede, both states
remained as border states in the Union (though they did send troops to both
sides during the war). Thus North Carolina, which seceded May 20, 1861,
became the second to last state to do so. Tennessee, the last, seceded June
8, 1861.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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