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Trivia 3/17

trivia 3/17
Octopuses gather shiny things and make gardens out of them.

1. Tampa Bay's baseball team was named the Devil Rays. Which team's nickname
also had 'devil' in it?
2. A boat has a port(left) and starboard(right) side. In describing a boats
side relative to the wind, which terms are used?
3. Most Safety Manuals use the abbreviation PPE; what does it stand for?
4. Which of these is NOT a precious stone ?
a. - Ruby
b. - Opal
c. - Sapphire
5. Who recorded the 1979 album 'London Calling'?
6. Strange Words are These ; DOCENT ...
a. - the back side of the neck
b. - a teacher at some universities
c. - tropical starchy tuberous root
d. - a misleading falsehood
7. What is the meaning of the letters, Ph.D ?
8. What in the world is a Boomslang ?
a. - Insect
b. - Mammal
c. - Reptile
d. - Amphibian

Neil Armstrong went through customs after returning from the moon.
1. New Jersey Devils
2. Windward and Leeward
3. Personal Protective Equipment
4. - b
5. the Clash
6. - b
7. Philosophiae Doctor (Accepted; Doctor of Philosophy )
8. - c

Before the ticker tape parades and the inevitable world tour, the triumphant
Apollo 11 astronauts were greeted with a more mundane aspect of life on
Earth when they splashed down 50 years ago today (July 24) — going through

Just what did Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael
Collins have to declare? Moon rocks, moon dust and other lunar samples,
according to the customs form filed at the Honolulu Airport in Hawaii on
July 24, 1969 — the day the Apollo 11 crew splashed down in the Pacific
Ocean to end their historic moon landing mission.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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