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Trivia 3/27

trivia 3/27
Pluto is smaller in surface area than Russia.

1. What Broadway Musical's title contains a canned meat product ?
2. What is the name of the second female prime minister of the UK?
3. Trick Question ??
Which came first; the chicken or the egg ?
4. Which European is credited with discovering the Philippines?
5. What did Molly Malone cry out that she had in her famous song when she
was wheeling her wheelbarrow through streets broad and narrow?
(Hint; C______ and M_______ )
6. Who Am I ?
I was born Leonard Slye in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 5, 1912. I sang with
"The Sons of the Pioneers" until I became a famous TV / Movie star...
7. What does the verb "lase" mean?
8. Luzon and Mindanao are the two largest islands of which country?

It is possible to literally die from laughter.
1. "Spamalot"
2. Theresa May
3. Eggs have been around much longer than chickens
4. Ferdinand Magellan
5. cockles and mussels
6. I am Roy Rogers
7. Function as a laser
8. Philippines

Death from laughter refers to a rare instance of death, usually resulting
from cardiac arrest or asphyxiation, caused by a fit of laughter. Instances
of death by laughter have been recorded from Ancient Greece to the modern
The 3rd century BCE philosopher Chrysippus, for example, is said to have
laughed himself to death while watching the antics of a drunken donkey. In
1410, Martin I of Aragon succumbed to a combination of indigestion and
uncontrollable laughter. More recently, a UK man died of heart failure after
laughing for 25 minutes at a TV show featuring a Scotsman in a kilt battling
a vicious black pudding.
Some others who have died from laughter :
Zeuxis, a 5th-century BC Greek painter, is said to have died laughing at the
humorous way he painted the goddess Aphrodite - after the old woman who
commissioned it insisted on modeling for the portrait.
In 1660, Thomas Urquhart, the Scottish aristocrat, polymath and first
translator of François Rabelais's writings into English, is said to have
died laughing upon hearing that Charles II had taken the throne
In 1989, Ole Bentzen, a Danish audiologist, died laughing while watching A
Fish Called Wanda. His heart was estimated to have beaten at between 250 and
500 beats per minute, before he succumbed to cardiac arrest.
In 2003, Damnoen Saen-um, a Thai ice cream salesman, is reported to have
died while laughing in his sleep at the age of 52. His wife was unable to
wake him, and he stopped breathing after two minutes of continuous laughter.
He is believed to have died of either heart failure or asphyxiation.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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