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Trivia 3/31

trivia 3/31
According to the urban legend, KFC changed it’s name from ‘Kentucky Fried
Chicken’ because the animals they serve are so modified they no longer have
beaks or feet, and aren’t really chickens.
In reality, they were trying to get rid of the unhealthy word 'fried' in
their name.

1. Name the painter born in Germany in 1577 is particularly known for his
paintings of 'full-bodied' naked women ...
a. – Van Eyck
b. – Rubens
c. – Goya
d. – Toulouse – Lautrec
2. What Am I ??
I am a large, white, cetacean mammal that lives in Arctic waters, though I
do swim south with my herd when the waters start to freeze over for the
winter. I am sometimes known as the "sea canary" because I make a high
pitched noise. What am I?
3. How many South American countries are entirely north of the equator?
a. - 2
b. - 3
c. - 4
d. - None ; it's "South" America for a reason
4. What does the mnemonic soh cah toa refer to?
a. - psychology
b. - meteorology
c. - astronomy
d. - trigonometry
5. Which of these does not contain tomatoes or tomato juice?
a. - Sangrita
b. - Salade niçoise
c. - Salmorejo
d. - Stollen
6. What is the lowest surface point in the world ?
a. - Death Valley
b. - Dead Sea
c. - Lake Assal
d. - Turfan Depression
7. What celebrity is known for his role in "Bachelor father” and for his
voice on the 1976 TV series "Charlie's Angels".
(Bonus; name another major character that he played in a TV series ...)
8. What do the movies, 'West Side Story', '10 Things I Hate About You' and
'Forbidden Planet' have in common?

Of the 112 men that died working on the Hoover Dam, the first to die (1921 )
and the last to die (1935) were Father & Son... and they both died on
December 20.

1. – b
2. I am a Beluga Whale
3. - c
4. - d
5. - d
6. - b
7. John Forsythe (Blake Carrington)
8. They are based on Shakespeare plays


On Dec. 20, 1921, a crew surveying locations for the dam got caught in a
flash flood, and a man named John Gregory Tierney was lost forever in the
raging Colorado River, one of the first casualties of the project. Then on
Dec. 20, 1935, 14 years later to the day, the job site suffered its last
fatal accident, when a worker fell to his death from one of the two intake
towers on the Arizona side of Black Canyon. That man was Patrick William
Tierney, J.G. Tierney’s only son.

Their names appear in raised metal on a plaque near the dam, never to be

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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