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Trivia 3/4

trivia 3/4
The Queen owns all the swans in England.

1. What does FDIC stand for ?
2. What mountain is nicknamed the "Savage Mountain"?
a. - Everest
b. - K2
c. - Mont Blanc
d. - Kilimanjaro
3. Tom the construction foreman is saved the trouble of demolishing an old
man's house when it floats away thanks to thousands of helium balloons in
what movie?
4. In what country did LEGO originate?
5. The Ilex and the Hedera are an integral part of the celebrations in many
parts of the world - how are they better known?
6. Who would probably be the first to notice that you have 'distrix'?
a. - Your pool cleaner
b. - Your plumber
d. - Your dentist
d. - Your hairdresser
7. How many revolutions does a camshaft turn in a gasoline engine opposed to
the crankshaft only turning once?
a. - once
b. - twice
c. - four
d. - eight
8. In the Bible, Jacob had 12 sons, but only one daughter : what was her
name ?
a. - Zilpah
b. - Dinah
c. - Bilhah
d. - Leah

The Apollo 11 crew used hundreds of autographs as life insurance.
1. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
2. - b
3. "Up"
4. Denmark
5. Holly and ivy
6. - d
7. - b
8. - b

Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew faced the real chance that they
wouldn't return from the moon safely, leaving their families without
financial support. Due to the extreme danger that they were about to face,
they couldn't take out life insurance policies. So instead, they signed
hundreds of autographs, which their families would have been able to sell if
they didn't make it home. Luckily, those life insurance autographs weren't
needed. They do, however, show up in space memorabilia auctions today,
selling for as much as $30,000.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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I knew 2 and 3.
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