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Trivia 4/12

trivia 4/12
Approximately 500 million people around the world, or about 10% of the
world's population, practice Buddhism.

1. In the realm of Crop farming, what does G.M.O. stand for ?
2. Which country permanently banished motor sports in 1955 after a crash in
the 24 Hours of Le Mans killed 83 spectators?
a. - Italy
b. - Germany
c. - Greece
d. - Switzerland
3. The first line of the Gettysburg address talks about how many years,
exactly ?
4. What is the art of elegant writing called?
5. What fictional film pugilist was known as "The Master of Disaster" ?
6. Which Beatles song ends with "You know I feel Alright" ?
7. What is the name of the very first Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier ?
8. Name the vocal quartet that was noted for accompanying Elvis Presley?
(Note; NOT the Sweet Inspirations from his Las Vegas period...)

China has one Time Zone.
1. Genetically Modified Organism
2. - d
3. - 87 Years
4. calligraphy
5. Apollo Creed
6. "A Hard Day's Night"
7. USS Enterprise
8. The Jordanaires

Yup ! Just one ; Beijing Standard time.
China used to have five, but, in 1949, the Communist Party leadership
decided to use a single time zone, and it's been that way ever since.
China, a country that is of roughly similar size to the continental United States, has one time zone: Beijing Standard Time. This means that when it's 6 o'clock in the nation's capital, it's 6 o'clock almost 3,000 miles further west, in Kashgar.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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