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Trivia 4/17

trivia 4/17
20% of the Earth's land surface is desert.
4% of the Earth's land surface is Rain Forest, but Rain Forests contain 50%
of all animal species.

1. Who Sang That ?
'Me and you and a dog named Boo'
a. - Toto
b. - Lobo
c. - Bono
d. - Frodo
2. In the 20th century, who was the youngest winner of the US Chess
Championship at age 14?
3. What in the world is meant by "jiggery-Pokery" ?
4. The very first exhibit you find as you enter the Baseball Hall of Fame is
a video of a Comedy routine ; what Comedy routine is it !
(Hint ; Three Word Title ...)
5. A suet cake is birdseed mixed with what?
6. Richard Boone starred in "Have Gun-Will Travel" as Paladin. What/who is a
Paladin ?
7. Who was the first New York Met to have his number retired by the Team ?
a. - #37 - Casey Stengel
b. - #14 - Gil Hodges
c. - #41 - Tom Seaver
d. - #30 - Nolan Ryan
8. A patient entered the E.R. complaining of pain in the occipital region...
Where does it hurt ?

The New York Yankees were once known as the Baltimore Orioles.
1. - b
2. Bobby Fischer
3. deceitful or dishonest behavior / trickery and nonsense
4. "Who's On First"
5. raw, hard fat of beef or mutton
6. a Knight
7. – b
8. the Back of the Head ("the Head" is not good enough for credit ! Sorry !)

The New York Yankees organization was founded in Baltimore Maryland in the
year 1901. This team, known as the Orioles, was managed and owned by John
McGraw. ... This changed in 1903 when the Baltimore Orioles moved to New
York and became known as the the New York Highlanders. This name would
change to the Yankees in 1913.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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