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Trivia 4/2

trivia 4/2
On the series, ’Scrubs’, actress Aloma Wright played a nurse named “LaVerne”,
and then she played a nurse named “Shirley”.

1. On television, what was the name of J. R. Ewing's wife at South Fork?
2. In the medical world, what is 'tussis' more commonly known as?
3. Gravlax or gravlaks is a traditional Norwegian dish made from what kind
of fish?
a. - Arctic Char
b. - Shark
c. - Cod
d. - Salmon
4. Do You recall the name of the Coffee heiress who was murdered along with
Sharon Tate and others ?
5. Which of these entertainers lived the longest ?
a. - Jack Benny
b. - Bob Hope
c. - George Burns
d. - Eddie Albert
6. 4840 square yards = 1 ...... what ?
7. Strange Words are these ;
What is a RHOMBUS ?
8. There are five buildings that are so large, they have their own ZIP code.
Four of them are the White House, the Empire State Building, the Willis
(Sears) Tower, and the Focus on the Family Campus. What is the fifth
building that has its own ZIP code?
a.- Pentagon
b. - Dodger Stadium
c. - Trump International Hotel and Tower
d. - Chrysler Building

After almost three years of fighting, the USA and the British signed the
Treaty of Versailles, ending the War of 1812.
1. Sue Ellen
2. a Cough
3. - d
4. Abigail Folger
5. - b *
6. Acre
7. a four-sided figure with four equal sides. **
8. - b
* Bob Hope lived 100 years and three months, a month and a half longer than
Georg Burns, Eddie Albert, 99 years, Eddie Albert, 80 years
** A square is actually a special type of rhombus that also has right angles
in it. So, every four-sided figure with four equal sides is a rhombus, but
only four-sided figures with four equal sides and four right angles are

They signed the Treaty of Ghent !
The two sides agreed that no borders should change and that nothing like
this should ever happen again. The Americans made no further attempt to take
Canada by force and focused again on westward expansion. The British then
sent all of their regulars to Europe to ensure the final defeat of Napoleon.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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