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Trivia 4/20

trivia 4/20
Jimi Hendrix failed his High School Music class.

1. What 50's TV show featured the family of James, Margaret, Princess, Bud
and Kitten?
2. Which band recorded "Sugar Sugar", perhaps the quintessential Bubblegum
Pop song ?
3. Can you name the vocalist affectionately known as "Fat Lucy"?
4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as we know, was a prolific writer ; But he was
trained in another profession... name it...
a. - Physician
b. - Barrister
c. - Educator / Teacher
d. - Foolish Question ! He was a writer, period
5. Can you give me the 'Ex-" word that's a medicine which promotes the
secretion of sputum by the air passages ?
6. One of the greatest effects mankind ever had on the environment was this
period of time in the Victorian Era, during which the United Kingdom caused
unprecedented levels of air pollution. By what name was it known?
7. Which gemstone comes in varieties such as mandarin, rhodolite, and
a. - Ruby
b. - Garnet
c. - Emerald
d. - Larimar
8. Name the TV series 91969-74) Starring Lloyd Haynes as a high school
teacher and Karen Valentine as his Teacher's Aide... Bernie Kopell, Cindy
Williams, Teri Garr, Ed Begley Jr., Jamie Farr, Rob Reiner, Anthony Geary,
Richard Dreyfuss, Chuck Norris, Kurt Russell, Bob Balaban, Donny Most, and
Mark Hamill all made guest appearances on this show ...

Peru is home to the highest sand dune in the world.
(Height, not elevation...)

1. 'Father Knows Best'
2. the Archies
3. Luciano Pavarotti
4. - a
5. Expectorant
6. the Industrial Revolution
7. - b
8. 'Room 222'

Peru is home to the highest sand dune in the world. Cerro Blanco is located
in the Sechura Desert near the Nazca Lines and measures 3,860 feet (1,176 m)
from base to summit

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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