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Trivia 4/27

trivia 4/27
Ketchup originated in China as a boiled-down brine of pickled fish and
spices called “ke-chiap.”

1. Which Christmas character lives on Mt. Crumpit?
2. In what country is the Nullarbor Plain ?
a. - Israel
b. - Syria
c. - Chile
d. - Australia
3. What is a "Piccalilli" ?
4. At the beginning of which century did the world's population reach one
a. - 1600's
b. - 1700's
c. - 1800's
d. - 1900's
5. At the end of "National Lampoon's Animal House", the fates of the major
characters are given. What happened to Douglas Niedermeyer?
a. - Became 4-Star General in US Army
b. - Killed in Vietnam by his own troops
c. - Elected Senator from Pennsylvania
d. - Sent to prison for molesting recruits
6. Who is the "King of Ragtime"?
7. Before he became Herman Munster, actor Fred Gwynne played NYPD Officer
Francis Muldoon on what show?
8. Prince Harry's Given name is NOT Harold : What is it ?

During WWII, Flanagan and Allen had a hit song called “Duck, Duck, Duck” ..

1. the Grinch
2. - d
3. pickled vegetable relish
4. - c
5. - b
6. Scott Joplin
7. Car 54, Where Are You?
8. Henry

The song was “Run Rabbit, Run" !
The song was released in 1939. At some time during the war it was changed to
"Run Adolf, Run". I guess you can guess which Adolf was meant at that time?
"On the farm, every Friday On the farm, it's rabbit pie day.
So, every Friday that ever comes along, I get up early and sing this little
Run rabbit - run rabbit - Run! Run! Run!
Run rabbit - run rabbit - Run! Run! Run!"

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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