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Trivia 4/4

trivia 4/4
A group of porcupines is called a prickle.

1. Strange Words are These ; ESCHAR ...
a. - Scab
b. - Mole
c. - Pimple
d. - Birthmark
2. On what date did the 21st century begin?
3. What does an Ocularist do for a living ?
4. On which 1963 film is the animated film, "Chicken Run" based?
5. Songs of Broadway Dept;
'We ain't no delinquents, we're misunderstood. Deep down inside us there is
a. - Grease
b. - Blackboard Jungle
c. - West Side Story
d. - Guys & Dolls
6. What turtle is the largest in the world?
a. - Hawksbill sea turtle
b. - Leatherback sea turtle
c. - Loggerhead sea turtle
d. - Green sea turtle
7. Do you recall the title of Glen Campbell's Weekly Variety Show ?
8. Ferdinand Magellan was born in....
a. - Spain
b. - Netherlands
c. - Portugal
d. - England

The idiom "As mad as a March hare" arises from the behavior of male hares
during the European hare mating season when the female is at her peak
reproductive state.
1. - a
2. January 1, 2001
3. Fabricate and fit ocular prostheses (Glass Eyes)
4. 'The Great Escape'
5. - c
6. - b
7. "The Glen Campbell Good Time Hour".
8. - c

Though the females can breed for most months of the year, it is during March
in particular that the bucks can be seen bounding and leaping around trying
to find a receptive one. If, however, any female is pestered by an amorous
gent when she is not quite ready for him, she turns on him quite viciously,
and, with a strategy known as boxing, she thumps the living daylights out of
him. You go, girl. When it IS time for her to receive gentlemen callers, she
takes off across the country side at top speed, with all the eager males in
the vicinity haring (pardon the pun) along after her. She will only then
mate with the one who has outlasted all the rest, after which she calmly
trots away, leaving her exhausted swain to recover as best as he can.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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