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Trivia 4/8

trivia 4/8
Queen Elizabeth II is a trained Auto Mechanic.

1. What are the dry, hot winds that occur in Southern California?
2. Earl Boykins was the shortest active player in the NBA during the 2003
season ; What was his height ?
a. - 5'4"
b. - 5'5"
c. - 5'6"
d. - 5'7"
3. Which insect's name literally means "tree cricket",
4. No, it's NOT “the Lone Ranger Song”. What's its real name?
5. What date of the year does Kwanzaa start?
6. Name That tune ;
"Love is a burning thing And it makes a fiery ring ...."
(Bonus; Who wrote it ?)
7. What is the name of the home country of Odysseus'?
(Hint; Could it be that he lived in the Empire State ?)
8. When is winter wheat planted in the United States and Canada?
a. - Spring
b. - Summer
c. - Fall
d. - Winter

On April 27, 1983 Jim “Catfish” Hunter surpassed a career strike-out record
that had been in place for more than 55 years when he struck out batter
number 3,509.
1. Santa Ana
2. - b
(FYI – but not the shortest ever to play the game - Tyrone Curtis "Muggsy" Bogues was only 5’3” !)
3. Cicada
4. The William Tell Overture
5. December 26th
6. 'Ring of Fire ( June Carter Cash)
7. Ithaca
8. - c

The statement is correct, except it was Nolan Ryan, not Catfish...

Walter Johnson held the record since 1927, when he retired. Most career
strike-outs was just one of the records that would be surpassed - and, thus
set - during the incredible professional baseball career of Nolan Ryan. When
Ryan retired from pitching in 1993 he not only held that record but he had
surpassed it to retire with a career strike-out record of 5,714. During his
career in the MLB Nolan Ryan pitched seven no-hit games (the previous record
was four games), played in 27 seasons (more than any player at the time) and
demonstrated a fast-ball (pitch) that was regularly clocked at more than 100
miles per hour. His jersey number has been retired by three of the four MLB
teams for which he played: the Angels, the Astros and the Rangers.
Trivia Bonus ; what was the fourth team Mr. Ryan pitched for ??

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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