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Trivia 4/9

trivia 4/9
The name Ann is used as a middle name 10 times more than as a first name .

1. What now defunct automobile's ads read "Ask the Man who Owns one" ?
a. – Packard
b. – Hudson
c. – Studebaker
d. – DeSoto
2. What film finds Dustin Hoffman playing the role of Benjamin Braddock ?
3. Name That Product;
Man-O-Mango Berry, Great Bluedini, Rock-a-dile Red, Pink Swimmingo, etc........
4. What was studied by "Project Blue Book" ?
5. What breed of dog is McGruff the Crime Dog ?
6. What 1893 opera ends with the villain being pulled from the ruins of her own oven,
now turned into a honey cake ?
7. What entertainment trio plays unusual instruments like the PVC, the Tubulum, the
Shaker Gong, and the Piano Smasher ?
8. What company, in 2002, introduced the short-lived "Funky Fries", a potato product
line with sweetened flavors like Cinn-o-sticks, Cocoa Crispers, etc. (the line would
disappear from grocers shelves the following summer).
Early versions of toothpaste contained snail shells, oxen hoof mash and pumice.
1. - a
2. The Graduate
3. Kool-Aid
4. UFO's
5. Bloodhound
6. Hansel and Gretel
7. The Blue Man Group
8. Ore-ida
These strange concoctions, generally applied with the fingers, may have helped a bit to
preserve some pearly whites, but chances are they didn't taste anything like "cool mint"
or help at all in whitening away those Starbucks stains

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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