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Trivia 5/12

trivia 5/12
The bark of the Giant Sequoia can be up to 2 feet thick .

1. Name the six states that border on South Dakota .
2. In the 1966 Sci-Fi thriller, The Fantastic Voyage, the miniaturized ship and crew were
injected into the bloodstream of a scientist to remove..................
a. - an assassin's bullet
b. - a blood clot
c. - a tumor
d. - a bone fragment
.................................. from his brain .
3. Three-quarters of the cadmium mined annually is used to produce what
common household item ?
4. What Canadian-born actor's 1999 memoir was entitled “Get a Life” ?
a. – Lorne Greene
b. – Celine Dion
c. – Martin Short
d. – William Shatner
5. What nation is divided by the Cook Strait ?
6. Prior to 1993, what were the four Divisions of the National Hockey league ?
(Hint; A_______, N________, P________ & S_______ )
7. Czechoslovakia is no more; divided into what two countries ?
8. Who was honored as TIME magazine's very first (1928) "Man of the Year" ?

Black olives are grown in warmer climates than their green cousins.
1. North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana
2. – b
3. Batteries
4. William Shatner
5. New Zealand
6. Adams, Norris, Patrick, and Smythe
7. the Czech Republic and Slovakia
8. Charles Lindbergh
The only difference between a green and a black olive is their level of maturity.
Green olives, if left longer on the vine, will ripen into black olives.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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I knew 3 and 7
I too have a blog, a very simple one. https://2weeksinsrilanka.com/
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