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Trivia 5/13

trivia 5/13
The oldest person to be issued a Driver’s License in the USA was 109 !

1. What year was the first video game, PONG, introduced ?
a. – 1970
b. – 1972
c. – 1974
d. - 1976
2. What body of water are the French referring to when they mention "La Manche",
which literally means "The Sleeve" ?
3. Definition ; (L)
n. 1. Any of various aromatic old world plants having clusters of small, purplish flowers
and yielding an oil used in perfumery. 2. A pale to light or moderate purple to very light
to pale violet.
4. Who am I;
I was known as the "Thin White Duke" because of my fair skin and slender appearance; I
was an androgynous-looking, bizarrely decorated theatrical-based singer whose ever-
changing career influenced future generations of musicians from various rock music
5. What ore-ship sank in 1975 after passing close to Ontario's Caribou Island "when
the gales of November came early" ?
6. Which novel is sub-titled There and Back Again ?
7. To which of the fifty must I travel to visit the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, the
world's largest man-made excavation ?
8. In what US city would I find Beale Street, "Home of the Blues" ?
A total eclipse of the Sun happens every 11 years.
1. – b
2. The English Channel
3. Lavender
4. David bowie
5. The Edmund Fitzgerald
6. The Hobbit
7. Utah
8. Memphis
While they are rare, a total eclipse of the sun happens much more often. It just so happens that they are more or less visible depending entirely on the viewer’s geographic vantage point.
Solar eclipses are fairly numerous, about 2 to 4 per year, but the area on the ground covered by totality is only about 50 miles wide.
In any given location on Earth, a total eclipse happens only once every hundred years or so, though for selected locations they can occur as little as a few years apart.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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I knew q2
It's not the speed that kills. It's the sudden stop at the end.
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