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Trivia 5/2

trivia 5/2
Mexicans drink more Coke than any other country in the world. Mexicans drink
about 745 Coke beverages per capita, per year. Americans drink about 401 Coke products a
year. -

1. Who created Lord Peter Wimsey?
a. - Agatha Christie
b. - P.D. James
c. - Sue Grafton
d. - Dorothy L. Sayers
2. What do Meeko from the movie "Pocahontas", Sly Cooper, a video game
character, and Rigby from "Regular Show" have in common?
a. - They are Opossums
b. - They are Foxes
c. - They are Raccoons
d. - They are Mice
3. How many total squares are on an original Rubik's Cube?
a. - 48
b. - 54
c. - 60
d. - 66
4. Which ex-Baywatch babe was Dennis Rodman married to for a short time?
5. Born William Sydney Porter, we know him as ......... whom ?
6. 'True Grit' won John Wayne his only Oscar.... He was nominated for Best
Actor one other time; what film got him that nominations ?
(Hint; 1950 - He lost to Broderick Crawford )
7. If you are using an xistera, which high speed sport are you participating
8. What was special about Major League Baseball's 1994 World Series?

The reason chicken eggs are sometimes brown, rather than white, has to do
with what feed the chicken eats .
1. - d
2. - c
3. - b
4. Carmen Elektra
5. O. Henry
6. 'Sands of Iwo Jima '
7. Jai Alai
8. There Wasn't One

When shopping for eggs, it’s inevitable to notice that the brown eggs almost
always cost more than the white. Some may think that one is better than the
other, but the truth is they’re not very different at all.
While there is a difference between brown eggs and white eggs, it might not
be all it’s cracked up to be. (See what we did there?) The main difference
all traces back to the chickens the eggs come from and the color of their
feathers and even their earlobes. Yes, you read that right: whether a
chicken lays brown or white eggs is based on the way the bird looks—not how
they taste.

Read more here...

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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