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Trivia 5/25

Have a SAFE Holiday !!

trivia 5/25
The presidential faces on Mount Rushmore are as high as a five-story
building, about 60' from chin to top of the head. The pupils of eyes are 4'
across and the mouths are 18' wide. The carving took 14 years, from
1927-1941. The total cost was about $990,000. A total 450,000 tons of stone
was removed.

1. Who, among these, was not an original member of the Grateful Dead?
a. - "Pigpen" McKernan
b. - Bill Kreutzmann
c. - Mickey Hart
d. - Phil Lesh
2. Do you recall just where Apollo Eleven "splashed Down" on the Lunar
surface ?
3. In what city do the MLB Angels play their Home Games ?
a. - Buena Park
b. - Anaheim
c. - Irvine
d. - Los Angeles
4. On the sitcom "Mork and Mindy", what did Mork say when he was angry?
(Hint ; Starts with 'S'...)
5. Bing Crosby was the first actor to receive two Oscar nominations for
portraying the same character in different films . His character was Father
Charles "Chuck" O'Malley ; what were the films ?
6. What older board game are the games called "Sorry" and "Trouble" based on?
7. Why is the left lung in most humans smaller than the right lung?
8. Who originally sang the song "Stand By Me", when released in 1960
(Hint ; Middle Initial is "E."

Attu Island, the westernmost point of Alaska, sees an average of only 8-10
days of sunshine yearly.
1. - c
2. the Sea of Tranquility
3. – b
4. Shazbot !
5. "Going My Way" in 1944, and 1945's "The Bells of St. Mary's"
6. Parcheesi (Pachisi )
7. To make room for the heart
8. Ben E. King

The weather on Attu is typically cloudy, rainy, and foggy. High winds occur
occasionally. Five or six days a week are likely to be rainy, and there are
only about eight to ten clear days a year. The rest of the time, even if
rain is not falling, fog of varying density is the rule rather than the
exception. There are 39–49 inches (990–1,240 mm) of annual rainfall and
other precipitation, with the heaviest rains in the autumn and early winter.
According to the Köppen climate classification system, Attu has an
ocean-moderated subarctic climate (Dfc/Cfc) closely bordering on a tundra
climate (ET) For its latitude the climate is exceptionally chilly, with
daytime maximum temperatures averaging mid-50s (ºF) in summer.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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