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Trivia 5/26

trivia 5/26
'Yesterday' is the most covered song in rock history.

1. Which Broadway musical featured the songs "Happy Talk" and "Bali Ha'i" ?
2. When competing for political office, what is the equivalent in the U.K.
for 'running' in the U.S.?
3. While we're at it ;
In 60's America, we had the Frats and Greasers.... What did they have in
Britain ?
4. In 1976, an Air France plane from Athens on its way to Paris was hijacked
by Palestinian terrorists to a city in Africa. Israeli commandos freed the
prisoners a week later in a daring operation. In which African city did this
take place?
5. The United States Environmental Protection Agency limits the amount of
allowable VOCs in paint. What are VOCs?
6. What body temperature in humans causes death?
7. James Garner starred in a romance with Sally Field, Corey Haim, and Brian
Kerwin. What movie was that?
a. - Punchline
b. - Victor/Victoria
c. - Murphy's Romance
d. - Maverick
8. Sworn into office on 1st January 1990, which man became the first African
American to serve as mayor of New York ?
(Hint ; D______ D_______ ...)

Theodore Roosevelt joined the Army 10 years after he was POTUS .

1. South Pacific
2. Standing
3. Mods & Rockers
(Interviewer : "John, are you a Mod or a Rocker?"
John Lennon: "No, I'm a Mocker.")
4. Entebbe
5. Volatile Organic Compounds
6. - 107.6 (Acceptable; 107 & 108)
7. - c
8. David Dinkins

...........but He gets a "A" for the effort !
At the start of America's entering WW I ,Roosevelt petitioned Secretary of
War Newton D. Baker to allow him to re-form his "Rough Riders"....Baker
denied his request on April 13, writing that commands would go to longtime
officers who “have made a professional study of the recent changes in the
art of war.”

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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