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Trivia 5/27

trivia 5/27
"The Carol Burnett Show' ran for 11 years and 278 episodes. Ms. Burnett
to fame as a regular on "The Gary Moore Show' .

1. According to accepted theory, approximately how many miles are there in
one light year?
a. - 5.88 million miles
b. - 5.88 billion miles
c. - 5.88 trillion miles
d. - 5.88 quadrillion miles
2. Which cartoon hero had a crush on Sweet Polly Purebred ?
3. Name the Game Show ;
Chuck Barris produced and hosted this absurdist 1970s amateur talent show
4. The Champs had a One-Hit-Wonder in 1958 ; can you name it ??
(Hint; One-word Title, and the Title was the only word spoken in the tune
5. From a 1835 fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, what name was given to
the tiny girl who emerged from the petals of a flower?
6. What is the scientific name for the body's way of smelling ?
(Looking for a 'System" here...)
7. Strange Words are These ; BARGELLO ...
a. - a cargo ship for the transport of livestock
b. - needlepoint stitch
c. - armor plate that protects the head
d. - a high tight collar
8. The ancient Hanging Gardens were located in what is now......
a. - Saudi Arabia
b. - Iran
c. - Iraq
d. - Lebanon

Denver, Colorado sits on the Great Plains.
1. - c
2. Underdog
3. the Gong show
4. 'Tequila'
5. Thumbelina
6. Olfactory system
7. - b
8. -c

To all you new pioneers who come to Colorado expecting mountains and
trees--Denver is on the western part of the great plains. It is not in the
Despite the undulating terrain, Denver is actually down on the plains. The
Great Plains slowly rise up as you travel west of the Mississippi to the
point where even the flat land is a mile above sea level.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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