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Trivia 5/9

trivia 5/9
Because pollution and chemicals in tap water often do not have a scent or
taste, many people who drink dangerous contaminants do not even realize they
are doing so.

1. What is sometimes referred to as the United States' "Second War of
2. Which sporting event in the UK is well known for the fantastic headgear
of some female spectators?
a. - Wimbledon
b. - Royal Ascot
c. - Women's FA Cup Finals
d. - British Grand Prix
3. According to the US Declaration of Independence, all human beings have
certain "unalienable rights". What does unalienable mean?
4. Who is the Greek counterpart to Mercury ?
5. Name the first Video Game for home play ...
(Hint; not looking for a console here, it was a single game...)
6. In Medical Speak, what does DNR stand for?
7. Who was the British King during the Revolutionary War ?
8. If you are using a rubber in Britain, what are you doing ?

The taxation of tobacco products began in 1864 as a way to pay for the Civil
War Effort .
1. The War of 1812
2. - b
3. That which cannot be given or taken away
4. Hermes
5. Pong
6. Do not resuscitate
7. George III
8. Erasing

Tobacco was one of the first consumer goods to be taxed in North America,
first by the British and then by the newly independent republic in the early
Between 1864 and 1983, the federal tax on cigarettes
has fluctuated in response to the revenue requirements of the government,
corresponding mainly to alternating periods of war and peace. In 1951, the
federal cigarette excise tax was increased from 7 cents to 8 cents per pack
to help finance the Korean War. The federal cigarette tax was not increased
again until 1983, when it was doubled to 16 cents per pack. In January 1992
the federal tax on cigarettes was increased from 16 to 20 cents per pack,
with another 4 cents per pack added in January 1993. In 1985, the federal
government levied a tax of 24 cents per pound on snuff, 8 cents per pound on
chewing tobacco, and 45 cents per pound on pipe tobacco. As of 1993, federal
taxes on snuff, chewing tobacco, and pipe tobacco are 36, 12, and 67.5 cents
per pound, respectively.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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