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Trivia 6/16

trivia 6/16
The Civil War was the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil. During an
average day during the war, approximately 600 people were killed. By the end
of the war, over 618,000 people had died.

1. today, I had a serving of chopped filberts on my Ice Cream : What are
Filberts, also sometimes called Cob Nuts ??
a. - Almonds
b. - Hazelnuts
c. - Cashew Nuts
d. - Walnuts
2. What was the last of the original 13 English colonies to be settled
3. Fill in the Blank ;
When the astronauts of Apollo 11 returned to earth after the first
successful manned lunar landing, they were kept in isolation and quarantined
for a period of _______ weeks.
4. Remember "The Soprano's" ?? At the very end of the last episode, the
screen goes black, and the song, "Don't Stop Believin'" plays...... who
performs that song ?
5. What color is Po from "Teletubbies"?
a. - Purple
b. - Red
c. - Green
d. - Yellow
(Bonus ; Is Po a boy or a girl ?)
6. Can you name the six "Friends" characters ? Okay, I'll settle for five
........... (First names only ......)
7. In French, it's called the Cote d'Ivoire :What is it called in English ?
8. Home to Pluto, what is the name for the area containing a large group of
asteroids outside the orbit of the eight planets of the Solar System?

The Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. is not held together by mortar,
but by Gravity and friction.
1. - b
2. Georgia
3. - 3
4. Journey
5. - b (a Girl)
6. Monica , Rachel , Ross , Phoebe , Chandler and Joey
7. the Ivory Coast
8. the Kuiper Belt

The Washington Post recently pointed out an interesting fact in an on-going
debate about the Monument as the world's tallest free-standing masonry
structure. The Monument's marble blocks are held together by just gravity
and friction, and no mortar was used in the process.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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