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Trivia 6/27

trivia 6/27
Five American Indian tribes live in or near the Grand Canyon. The tribes are
the Havasupai, Hopi, Hualapai, Navajo, and Paiute

1. Roy rogers is to Trigger as Hop-a-long Cassidy is to ........... ?
2. Name the 1970's teen sweetheart who went on to portray Grace Van Owen, an
assistant district attorney who later joined the firm McKenzie-Brackman on
'LA Law'.
3.Name That flick ;
Heather Graham co-starred with Steve Martin in this comedy about a
small-time director who was trying to make it big, but was having trouble
casting a big-name celebrity. Eddie Murphy is hilarious in dual-roles...
4. Which professional American sports league of 1923 included such teams as
the Canton Bulldogs, Chicago Cardinals, Oorang Indians and Cleveland
Indians ?
a. - NFL
b. - NBA
c. - MLB
d. - NHL
5. What is Depilation ?
6. The anatomical name for the tailbone is .... ?
(Correct Spelling, Please ...)
7. Silk is a luxurious fiber that is created when what happens?
a. - The silk moth creates a pocket for her eggs.
b. - The silk spider spins a web.
c. - The silk worm spins a cocoon.
d. - The silk worm leaves a trail of silk as it inches along the ground.
8. How many professional Sports teams does Chicago have?

Kobe Bryant did not win a 'Rookie of the Year' award .
1. Topper
2. Susan Dey
3. 'Bowfinger'
4. - a
5. the Removal of Hair
6. the Coccyx
7. - c
8. - 6 (Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, Fire (Soccer)

The winner that year was Allen Iverson .
Other great players who did not make 'Rookie of the Year' ;
Isiah Thomas (Buck Williams won it)
Julius Erving (Bob McAdoo won it)
Charles Barkley (Michael Jordan won it)
Karl Malone (Patrick Ewing won it)
Scottie Pippen (Mark Jackson won it)
Bill Russell (Tom Heinsohn won it)
Magic Johnson (Larry Bird won it)

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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