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Trivia 6/3

trivia 6/3
A middle-income American family with a child born in 2008 can expect to
spend about $221,190 ($291,570 when adjusted for inflation) for food,
shelter, and other necessities to raise that child over the next seventeen
years. In 1960, a middle-income family could have expected to spend $25,230
($183,509 in 2008 dollars) to raise a child through age seventeen

1. Name That Tune !
I've paid my dues, Time after time, I've done my sentence But committed no
crime .
2. "Il est onze heures." ... What time is it?
3. What do we call the number obtained by division ?
4. How many Furlongs in a mile ?
a. - 2
b. - 4
c. - 6
d. - 8
5. Who starred as Jay Gatsby in the 2013 version of 'The Great Gatsby'?
6. Who Said That ??
"The policeman isn't there to create disorder; the policeman is there to
preserve disorder"
a. - George W. Bush
b. - Dan Quayle
c. - Mayor Richard Daley
d. - Mayor Rudi Giuliani
7. Remember the film, "The Odd Couple" ?? Well, do you remember the
Surnames of Oscar & Felix ?
8. In the Hanna-Barbera classic "Wacky Races," which racer drove a pink car
with red lipstick called the Compact Pussycat?

In the Pilot episode of ‘Star Trek’, the Second-in-Command was a character
named “Number One”, not Mr. Spock.
1. We are the Champions - Queen
2. - 11:00
3. Quotient
4. - d
5. Leonardo DiCaprio
6. - c
7. Madison & Unger
8. Penelope Pitstop

In the original pilot, the Second-in-Command was named “Number One”
Like Spock, the character was cold and logic-oriented. Unlike Spock, the
character was a woman, played by Majel Barrett, creator Gene Roddenberry’s
NBC didn’t like Number One (or the fact that Roddenberry - who was married –
had cast his mistress in the show), so Roddenberry changed the character to
Mr. Spock in the second pilot.
There was no Captain Kirk in the original Pilot. The Captain of the
Enterprise was Christopher Pike, played by Jeffrey Hunter.
Mr. Spock was in the first Pilot, but Spock's character differs somewhat
from that seen in the rest of Star Trek; he displays a youthful eagerness
that contrasts with the later more reserved and logical Spock. He also
delivers the first line in all of Star Trek: "Check the circuit!" followed
by, "Can't be the screen then."[
The weaponry used in the pilot also differs from that seen in the series
proper, identified as lasers rather than phasers, and different props are
used for the communicator and handheld weapon (which made the change to
"phasers" easy to retcon as an upgraded technology).

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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