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Trivia 6/7

trivia 6/7
In 1979, Japan offered new British PM Margaret Thatcher 20 "karate
ladies" for protection at an economic summit. She declined.

1. Which 'immortal' US cavalry regiment fought at the Little Bighorn in the
Indian Wars and in the first major engagement of the Vietnam War, the Battle
of the Ia Drang Valley?
2. What three colors on an artist's palette are considered the "secondary
a. - Red, yellow and blue
b. - Orange, pink and purple
c. - Green, orange and violet (purple)
d. - Brown, white and black
3. "Enuresis" is a fancy word for what embarrassing problem?
4. What was the real first name of legendary musician Fats Domino?
5. How many weeks long is the NFL regular season ?
6. When did the Babe retire from the big leagues?
a. - 1929
b. - 1935
c. - 1941
d. - 1946
7. What famous Passenger ship, now permanently docked in Long Beach, is one
of the most haunted spots in America ?
8. If you were to spell out each whole number from one to one hundred, how
many numbers would contain the letter 'A'?

LEGO blocks were originally made of wood.
1.the 7th Calvary
2. - c
3. Bedwetting
4. Antoine
5. - 17 Weeks
6. - b
7. The Queen Mary
8. None

Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891-1958) created the LEGO Group in 1932 as a way to
use old wood from his failed carpentry business. He marketed an assortment
of wooden toys, but his LWO blocks weren't made of wood.
He patented the now famous interlocking LEGO blocks in 1949. The bricks,
originally manufactured from cellulose acetate, were a development of the
traditional stackable wooden blocks of the time.
By 1951 plastic toys accounted for half of the Lego company's output.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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