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Trivia 7/13

trivia 7/13
11% of people are left handed, 10% of people are LGTBQ.

1. Which of these pairs of star signs, starting with the same letter, are
a. - Libra and Leo
b. - Cancer and Capricorn
c. - Aquarius and Aries
d. - Scorpio and Sagittarius
2. Who ruled Palestine immediately before it became Israel?
3. Name That Flick ;
Mike and Sully live in Monstropolis .
Mike and Sully collect screams from children to power the city. At the end
of the movie, they learn that children's laughter is a far more powerful
energy source than screams.
4. Known for its silvery-green leaves, delicate purplish flowers, and woody
stem, this herb is widely used in the perfume industry.... What is it ?
(Hint; Its name is also a color ...)
5. What is this song referring to: 'They can't play baseball-they don't wear
sweaters-they're not good dancers-they don't play drums'?
6. Everyone knows about the Titanic but can you name its two sister-ships?
7. Back in the Wild West, Martha Jane Cannary was better known to "Wild Bill
Hickok" and the good people of Deadwood by an alias which can be best
described as a disaster. What was her alias?
8. In Disney's animated version of 'Robin Hood' all the characters are
animals. Robin is a fox while Prince John is a lion. What type of animal is
Little John?

President McKinley’s assassin, Leon Frank Czolgosz, was electrocuted for the
murder just five months later.
1. - d
2. Great Britain
3. "Monsters Inc."
4. Lavender
5. Fish Heads
6. Olympic & Britannic
7. Calamity Jane
8. a Bear

It was even quicker than that !
Leon Frank Czolgosz shot McKinley twice at point blank range on September 6,
1901, as he stood in a reception line at the Pan-American Exposition in
Buffalo, New York. The first bullet deflected off a button and did not
seriously injure the President. The second bullet went through McKinley's
stomach, colon, and kidney, and lodged in the muscle in his back. Doctors
were unable to locate the second bullet. It was felt that the search for the
bullet, using the available 19th century medical technology and techniques
might cause more harm than good. McKinley appeared to be recovering, so the
doctors decided to leave the bullet where it was. McKinley's doctors
believed he would recover, and the President convalesced for more than a
week. Eight days after being shot, McKinley died from gangrene, which had
surrounded his wound, on September 14, 1901. Czolgosz was later found guilty
of murder, and was executed by means of electrocution, on October 29, 1901,
53 days after the crime.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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