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Trivia 7/13

trivia 7/13
Breathing the air in Mumbai, India is equivalent to smoking 5 packs of
cigarettes a day...

1. In 1917 Margaret Sanger was imprisoned in New York for one month. What
crime was she guilty of?
a. - Wearing a skirt above her knees
b. - Opening a Birth-control Clinic
c. - Attempting to vote
d. - Vandalizing a Barroom with a sledgehammer
2. Which of these events did NOT occur in 1948?
a. - Nation of Israel established
b. - Mahatma Gandhi assassinated
c. - World Health Organization established
d. - Death of Eva Peron
3. Which city was the first capital of Ancient Egypt?
a. - Karnak
b. - Thebes
c. - Luxor
d. - Memphis
4. What pale green material was often used in ancient China for creating
stunning sculptures and jewelry?
5. In which game would the winner "peg out"?
6. The medical condition called "desynchronosis" is better known as what?
a. - Vertigo
b. - Jet Lag
c. - Air Sickness
d. - Sea Sickness
7. Name That tune ;
"I met a gin soaked, bar-room queen in Memphis,
She tried to take me upstairs for a ride..."
8. Fill in the Blanks ;
Thirteen US states border Canada. From east to west, they are: Maine, New
Hampshire, ___, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio , Michigan, Minnesota, North
Dakota, ___, Idaho, Washington, and ___.

Whitney Houston’s Mom was the founding member of “The Sweet Inspirations”,
Elvis’ back-up Group.
1. - b
2. - d
3. - d
4. Jade
5. Cribbage
6. - b
7. "Honkey Tonk Women"
8. Vermont, Montana, Alaska

Emily "Cissy" Drinkard was born in 1933, and began singing gospel music with
her siblings at a very early age. Cissy formed her group, The Sweet
Inspirations, while she was pregnant with Whitney in 1963. The back-up
singers were fortunate to provide their vocals for such artists as Aretha
Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Lou Rawls, Mahalia Jackson, Otis Redding, The
Drifters, Van Morrison and Wilson Pickett. However, the most popular
entertainer they probably backed was the king himself, Elvis Presley.
She was also the aunt to singer Dionne Warwick.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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