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Trivia 7/18

trivia 7/18
Hagfish are the only known living animals that have a skull but no vertebral

1. What is the Capital of Saudi Arabia ?
2. Daryl Dragon was a keyboardist with the Beach Boys until striking out
with his soon -to-be wife, with whom he recorded 15 charted hits, including
two #1's... and the name these hits were recorded under ??
3. Do you recall the name of O.J. Simpson’s lead attorney during his murder trial ?
4. Strange words are These ; Borborygmus
a. - Rolling Thunder
b. - Rumbling Stomach
c. - Babbling Brook
d. - Crashing Cymbals
5. Mary Tyler Moore's first regular television role was as a mysterious and
glamorous telephone receptionist in Richard Diamond, Private Detective. In
the show, her voice was heard, but you only saw.............. what ??
6. What was the name of the hunch-back butler in "The Rocky Horror Show" ?
7. If you had enough material to make every Country's flag in the world,
what color of material would you have the most of ?
a. - Red
b. - White
c. - Yellow
d. - Green
8. What was special about Major League Baseball's 1994 World Series?

In Japan, the broken bats from their pro Baseball teams are
recycled........into chopsticks.
1. Riyadh
2. Captain & Tennille
3. Johnny Cochran
4. - b
5. Her Legs
6. Riff-Raff
7. - a
8. There Was None

Kattobashi in Japan makes bats broken in Japanese baseball games into
Bats that end up being broken by professional players are often turned into
kattobashi: "a mash-up of the Japanese word for chopsticks and a baseball
chant that translates as 'get a big hit,'" The New York Times explains.
That's right—sports mementos that would typically be sold for upwards of $50
in the U.S. are turned into reusable chopsticks in Japan.
Each season, roughly 10,000 wooden bats are transformed into those
ubiquitous eating utensils in an effort to cut down on waste and help
preserve a threatened species of ash tree called the aodamo.

In a similar vein, in Japan, a broken bowl or mug isn't necessarily destined
for the nearest trash bin. Through the art of kintsugi, the shards are glued
back together with a gold seal that calls attention to the cracks—the
general idea being that flaws make something even more beautiful

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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